Street Peace of Art prescription(処方箋)



4)作品にはタグを付けWeb上で発表することで、世界はつながり、新たな発見や感動が生み出されます。(#ArTone #StreetPeace_ofArt)

[ Street Peace of Art ] プロジェクトは単に個々のコミュニケーションや楽しみを提供するだけでなく、より大きな目標である「平和な世界の実現」に貢献できることを目指しています。活動は私だけでなく、共感を覚える画家たちによって世界中に広まり、平和へのインスピレーションを生み出すことができるはずです。



Drawings are a means of communication. Communication is not limited to verbal communication; information and emotions can also be conveyed through visual expression. The drawing process I propose will provide an enjoyment of communication that cannot be obtained through conventional exhibition methods alone, and will also allow viewers to discover new attractions. Throughout the duration of the residency, the people of the city will participate in the painting process, and the connection of consciousness through drawing will create a new energy.

The method is simple.

1) Take a canvas (sketchbook), touch the people of the city, and ask them to paint a word of their choice on the canvas in any script they wish.
(2) Take the canvas back to the artist, who will layer new images on it.
(3) The process of creation creates communication between the artist and the viewer, and the work continues to evolve day by day and becomes a living work of art.
(4) The works will be tagged and published on the web, connecting the world and creating new discoveries and impressions. (#ArTone #StreetPeaceOfArt)

The ArTone project aims not only to provide individual communication and enjoyment, but also to contribute to the larger goal of “creating a peaceful world. The activities will be spread not only by me but also by sympathetic painters around the world to create inspiration for peace.

I hope that people around the world will connect with each other through painting, sharing love and peace, and that it will become a “prescription” for building a happier society.

Artists are encouraged to participate in this project.